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I question the assumption that all pussy is higher value than all c0ck.  I believe that this is one of Mr. Jabba’s assumptions.  Correct me if I’m wrong.

There are problems with manospherian sexual economics because of their distribution fallacies.  I’m talking about the thinking that all eggs are higher value than all semen because eggs are rarer than sperm.  This kind of thinking comes with an assumption that you can commoditize eggs and sperm.

Let’s assume commoditization of eggs and sperm.  A man can impregnate one woman every three days, on average.  It takes a while for sperm to build up to impregnation levels after sex.  So, a man is fertile about 1/3 of the time while a woman is fertile five days a month, or 1/6 of the time, assuming that she isn’t pregnant.  The reproductive value of men and women isn’t all that far apart.  Ok, she hits the reproductive wall at about 40.  Her eggs are available for 27 years, let’s say.  One third of her life.  A man’s sperm is available for 68 years after childhood, or 80% of his life.  So, assuming commoditization of eggs and sperm, we end up with eggs being more valuable than sperm–1/18th of a woman’s life is fertile v. about 1/4th of a mans’ life being fertile.  This is the best case for eggs being more valuable than sperm.

I assume that my seed is high value and isn’t a commodity.  Think of the sexual economics of champion male animals–their owners can command premium payment for animal semen because the donors were champions.  The same concept applies to high value men.  Semen isn’t a commodity.

Gamer Maxim: “Pussy is just pussy.”  This encompasses the following ideas.  I’m the high value prize.  Women aren’t worth spending a lot of effort on.  No woman, no matter how beautiful, is anyone to be afraid of.  Sex has its place, but isn’t too high a priority.  My mission has top priority.