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Let’s look at a CDC report about the Barnstable Massachusetts covid outbreak. Let’s look at the numbers and ignore the “vaccines work” narrative.

469 covid cases (all we really know is that they were exposed)

274 were symptomatic (they had some sort of Influenza-Like Illness)

69% of Barnstable adults were fully vaccinated

5 were hospitalized and 4 of the 5 were fully vaccinated

90% of the cases were the Delta Variant

74% of the cases were breakthrough of fully vaccinated adults

26% had either received only one of two doses or were unvaccinated (we’ll call them “not-fully-vaccinated”)

So here’s the calculation: ((74 / 69) / (26 / 31)) x 100% = 128%

With only five hospitalized (about one percent), the Delta Variant looks to be far less dangerous than the original strain which hospitalized 2.5% average.

We’d like to know the stats on the unvaccinated. The CDC will probably not release them, as those figures likely conflict with their narrative pushing vaccination.