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Over at Chateau Heartiste, we find The Fundamental Premise: “Eggs are expensive, sperm is cheap.”  I think that this premise is seriously flawed for two reasons.  First, when it comes to sex, the issue isn’t reproduction, but sexual fulfillment, which can be had independent of reproduction.  Second, all men are not equally desirable.  There is a wide divergence between hot men (alphas) and relatively unattractive men (betas).

(Previously, I wrote briefly on this topic.)  Heartiste takes the position that eggs are more valuable than sperm because the limit on human reproduction comes from the female side.  There are many fewer eggs than sperm.  Furthermore, gestation takes nine months, so the availability of uteri comes to the fore and into play.

If market value is determined by the quantity of eggs and sperm, we should see prize mares as more valuable than prize stallions.  Is this the case?  No.  Prize mares make money for their owners by winning races and having prize offspring; having prize offspring is a very low percentage and very high risk.  Even top stallions do well if they have 6% prize offspring.

I equate prize stallions to alphas and prize mares to all women.  The sperm of most stallions is worthless; most stallions are like betas–common and low value.  So, in horse breeding, there is an element of distribution across the set of stallions to consider.  Prize stallions are very valuable if they have prize offspring and the rest of the stallions are worthless except possibly for prize money.  Prize mares have some value, but are much lower value than prize stallions.  The rest of the mares are worthless.

Hence, if horse-breeding is analogous to human sex market value, then alphas command the highest value and women much lower value and betas are worthless.  Of course, if the aim is sex and not reproduction, then the issue isn’t sperm and eggs, but alpha cock and pussies.  Women want hot alpha cock, which is rare compared to the number of pussies.  Pussies are always in demand for all betas, but beta cock is not in demand where women are concerned.  For alphas, pussies are fungible and they have no trouble getting the hottest pussies.  So, quantity and quality of sperm and eggs aren’t in view.  Rather, we have to look at the quality of cock and pussies.