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To be clear, not all Red Pill men hate Dread Game.  However, most do hate Dread Game to some degree.  By “Dread Game” I mean simply going out socially among women and engaging them as sexual beings by flirting or dancing with them, but it may or may not include having sex with them.  Dread Game, simply, means having options with the opposite sex, whether or not you exercise those options.  Dread Game does not mean overtly attempting to make your SO jealous.

Let me address some common concerns about Dread Game.

“It’s unfair.”

Attractive women automatically have options and automatically practice Dread Game simply by being.  Because women are attracted to men for different reasons than men are attracted to women, men cannot do nothing and have options.  In order to have options, men must actively seek them.  Dread Game requires that men exert effort.  Men must generate tingles in women in order to have options.

“Dread Game is fraudulent and manipulative.”

Yes, seeking to have options is obviously fraudulent.  Attractive women always have options, so they must practice fraud somehow.  If you seek to have options in order to manipulate your SO into finding you attractive, then you are seeking options for the wrong reason.  You must seek to have options in order to keep your skills honed and as insurance against a breakup.  Your attitude and habits will convey to your SO that you have options and Dread Game will naturally follow as a matter of course.  Your primary mission is to have options.  Dread Game is the result of having options and is secondary.

“Dread Game requires effort.”

Yep.  Being lazy is so manly.  Women can practice Dread Game without effort.  It’s unfair that men have to actually do something.

“It feels like you’re cheating.”

The Blue Pill puts women’s interests first.  The Blue Pill causes us to think that we ought to behave in such a way that women aren’t worried by our behavior.  However, acquiescing to the Blue Pill means sublimating our own interests.

If a man feels like he’s cheating, then it’s because he thinks that he ought to do nothing because a woman does nothing.  He feels like he ought to behave like a woman.  Of course, a woman who does nothing still has options.  If a man behaves like a woman, he will lack options and be unattractive to his woman.  Sex will decline.  He will have to fap and use porn a lot more.  His wife will become bitchier.  The man may face divorce, take a significant hit to his income and resources, face loss of contact with his children, face social castigation for somehow failing to keep his marriage together, and possibly face imprisonment for failing to pay the woman what he owes after the divorce.

  • Red Pill = In a nutshell, the truth about women’s tendency to seek sex and relationships from the most attractive men and how men have been taught to pedestalize women even though pedestalizing women makes men unattractive.