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Someone said: <i>”Now “Game” may not negate poor looks or disabilities, with women.”</i>

Here’s how I see Game:

Anti-Game and feminization of men may negate their good looks with women. And there are beaucoup examples of ugly/plain men with hot girlfriends and wives.

#1 principle of game: Don’t do “Anti-Game.”  Don’t be a social retard. Don’t go arguing feminism with women you just met. Don’t discuss politics or religion with people you just met. That is controversial stuff and maybe you might discuss it with your very best friends or people in church. Context matters. Don’t be too serious in your conversations and follow the levels of conversation, but be playful when you do it.

#1 rule of game: Use preselection. In a social setting where there are many people, talk to many women, but don’t spend too much time with any one of them or go too deep in the levels of conversation. Be a mysterious social butterfly. Of course, you should talk to men, too.

#1 tactic of game: Be fun, playful, and engaging. Tease a lot. Treat women like they are your kid sister whom you like but don’t take too seriously. So tease them. Treat men like brothers you like and mess with them some, too. But be respectful when you do it. Men aren’t like women. Men want respect.

#1 strategy of game: Show strength and confidence by your nonverbal communication. Stand straight and tall, shoulders back, chest out, stomach in. Nose slightly elevated and your head up. Look people in the eye when you speak with them. Keep your hands at your side or with thumbs tucked in pockets. Never cross your arms (defensive posture) or put your hands on your hips (sign of distress and fear) or in front of your groin (insecurity). Smile broadly when you recognize people (it makes them feel special). Let a relaxed poker face be your default (your default face might be a soft grin or straight lips).