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There are several important questions regarding Ukraine which it would be good for American voters to know the answer to:

  1. What is the background to Joe Biden’s youtube video where he bragged about getting Prosecutor Shokin fired?
  2. What did democratic party operative Alexandra Chalupa do to encourage Ukraine to dig up dirt on Candidate Trump?
  3. Why was President Trump so concerned about investigating the Bidens?
  4. What was Rick Perry’s interest in Ukraine?
  5. What was Ambassador Yovanovitch’s role in all this?
  6. What was George Soros’ involvement in Ukraine?

First, Hunter Biden (son of Vice-President Joe Biden) was hired to the board of Burisma in Ukraine.  Burisma is an energy company.  Hunter Biden had no experience in energy or the Ukraine.  Why was he hired?  Simply because he was Joe Biden’s son.  And Joe Biden had just been assigned the job of overseeing Ukraine to make sure that aid to Ukraine was used as intended and wasn’t simply stolen.  Joe was supposedly America’s anti-corruption auditor.

At some point, Joe Biden held up American aid and told Ukraine that release of the $1 billion aid was contingent upon firing Prosecutor Shokin.  Shokin was fired within hours.

Repub media assert corruption wrt the Bidens and Burisma.  Maybe, but we don’t have enough facts.  Dem media assert that this is a conspiracy theory because the repub assertion has been debunked.  This is straight off untrue because there has not been a sufficient investigation to discover the facts wrt Burisma.  The repub media assertion lacks substantiation, but clearly has enough prima facie facts that it cannot be a conspiracy theory and merits further investigation.  The dem media assertion that the repub assertion of Biden-involved corruption has been debunked smells of a coverup.

Now I think that Shokin was a corrupt prosecutor as lots of people have alleged.  Wrt Burisma around the time that Joe Biden fired Shokin, I suspect that Shokin threatened to turn the Burisma investigation from inactive to active.  A shakedown.  The next prosecutor who was supposed to look at Burisma was Lutsenko.  He has alleged that Ambassador Yovanovitch gave him a verbal “Do Not Prosecute” list that he wrote some notes about.  Dem media has alleged that Lutsenko invented the list out of whole cloth and that he later retracted his allegation about Yovanovitch giving him a list.  The State Department also denied that a list was given.  Reporter John Solomon interviewed Lutsenko twice and Lutsenko stuck by his story.   The dem media allegation is clearly untrue and the State Department denial is untrue.  Lutsenko has no dog in the fight.  Further, he has a corroborating witness.  Yovanovitch on the surface looks like she is engaging in a coverup.  Yovanovitch has been discovered lying to Congress.  Yovanovitch clearly lied when she said that she gave no list to Lutsenko.  A verbal list is still a list.

Lutsenko was eventually fired (although he was probably the most effective prosecutor that Ukraine had had) and the case against Burisma was closed by the next prosecutor.

It’s interesting the names on the list that Lutsenko gives.  One is the Anti-Corruption Centre (ANTAC), which was funded by the State Department and by George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, which also funds Antifa, which has been seen to behave like thugs and oppressive mobs to further socialist aims.  The relationship between Yovanovitch and ANTAC needs investigation.

Coverup or conspiracy theory?  Is it Ok to withhold aid in order to prevent a shakedown?  Is it Ok to sit on an investigation of American corruption simply because the target of the investigation is a candidate for President?  (Bear in mind that the President is the chief law enforcement officer of the United States.)