Science has been under assault by researchers and corporate interests for decades. Only corporate interests have the funds to conduct randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and corporate shills have decreed that only RCTs count as science. (My physics professors would have rolled on the floor laughing at such nonsense.) It’s a good thing we have an analysis that compared retrospective studies with RCTs and found no evidence of superiority of RCTs.

Dr. Malcolm Kendrick believes that COVID-19 is the end of medical research. He cites the public opinions of people like John Ioannidis, Marcia Angell, Peter Gottsche, and Richard Smith, leading lights in medical research, who bemoan the decline of science and the associated increase in the monetization of research.

My fellow citizens are oblivious to all this. They seem to have become a bunch of lemmings driven to hurdle off cliffs simply because “it’s the right thing to do.” They can’t even use the excuse of being panicked any more–they aren’t afraid. But they _are_ credulous. Common sense and critical thinking have been dumped in the ditch.

Sometimes I fear going to sleep.