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The title question arose as part of a discussion on The Rational Male .  Another commenter said that femininity couldn’t be faked, which seemed to me to be false.  Masculinity can be faked, so why not femininity?  So the question of what is femininity had to come up.

Blax said that femininity isn’t dresses and heels, and I agree in part.  Those things can be faked.  Other commenters, especially J and Culum, thought that femininity had to do with how a woman responds to them–do those women submit?  I partially agree, but that argument has a gaping hole–women can easily and do fake submission.  Whores.

But when a woman wants a man, will she fake submission to him?  Absolutely.  So submission–by itself–isn’t an adequate test of femininity.

When I think of femininity, I think of Sophia Loren.  Even more. I think of Dolly Parton.  Now I’m attracted to Sophia Loren far more than to Dolly Parton.  But Dolly is the essence of femininity.  What is there about Dolly that makes her so feminine?

It seems to me that women who are intrinsically feminine are comfortable with being submissive.  Those women are also comfortable with being dependent on a man.  And vulnerable.  Vulnerability isn’t a problem to feminine women.  They can wear heels and dresses without having to fake femininity.  Of course, they can also wear pants and sneakers.  The voice of women like this signals their intrinsic femininity.  Their voice is melodious, not harsh and grating.

What is there about Dolly that is different?  Dolly prefers being submissive and dependent on a man.  Dolly prefers wearing heels and dresses.  Dolly prefers being vulnerable.  Dolly’s voice is extremely melodious.  She signals her vibrant and authentic femininity.

How do men respond to Dolly?  Men who are around Dolly behave in a more masculine way.  Women who are around Dolly generally behave in a more feminine way, too.  Dolly embraces being a woman.  Dolly’s confidence in her femininity has an impact on everyone around her.  Men are more masculine and women are more feminine.

There are women who become more feminine in a sexual frame.  However, when they aren’t in a sexual frame, those women prefer to wear the pants.  Contrast with Dolly, who prefers that men wear the pants–even when there is no sexual frame.

Women who aren’t comfortable with their femininity will fake femininity when they want sex.  They will force their voices to be more melodious and they will fake compliance and wear feminine apparel.  But none of it will be authentic.

Does Dolly shit test?  Of course, she is a woman.  It’s biology.