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Here’s something I want to try soon.  At this point it is just hypothetical.  Will post results later.


The setting is a bar or club.  There is a group of girls you want to engage in convo.  Very pretty girls, so you don’t just go up and say, “Hi.”  If you do, they will blow you off.  No dancing, so you can’t just ask one of them to dance.  So you go stand near them.  Just stand.  Do NOT face them.  Face the same direction they are facing.  Don’t watch them much, but when you do look at them, make it briefly and only occasionally.

Think about happy times in your life.  Times when you made bad decisions and they resulted in a really good story.  You are having your own private party.  Keep good posture and head position, with your nose slightly elevated.  Don’t slouch.  Keep your hands by your side, not in your pockets.  Smile slightly.  Rock a little, gently, if you like.  One of the girls will open you.

Her: Why don’t you go stand somewhere else?

Me: I’m getting recharged in this spot.  I figured that’s why you’re here, too.  Feng Shui.

Her: Feng Shui? [here’s where she is hooked and you can lead the convo]

Me: I thought everybody knew about Feng Shui.  There are spots and avenues of spiritual energy which you can use to recharge yourself.  Well built buildings make use of them.  Structural supports that align into a rectangle with one angle that faces true north.  This building isn’t great, but this is a good spot.

Her: So, are you a magician?

Me: Not really, but I’m researching love potions.


Notice that you applied social pressure to the girls and forced one of them to open you by making them feel a little uncomfortable about you being so near and having a good time, but they weren’t included in your private party.  So they felt a little envious and resentful and asked you to leave.  But you didn’t leave and hooked them into your little fantasy.