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I was out dancing at a bar without Mrs. Gamer.  I danced with a lot of girls as is my wont (all sorts of girls–fat, skinny, old, young).  I had danced with one young blonde once before and had chatted her up early for a few minutes.  It was late and I was chatting her up again–again, not for very long.  Along comes a woman and leads her away.  I don’t like the cockblocking woman.  She’s unusually manipulative, but is popular with some women because she teaches line dances and throws parties.

I don’t dance with the line dance instructor.  There are other regulars–both men and women–who don’t interact with her.  The group that hangs out with the instructor includes mostly socially weak women and clueless men.  The instructor uses a carrot/stick with the women and a carrot with the men (inviting men to her parties).  The instructor has seen me out lots and knows that I’m not hitting on girls.

Here’s the puzzle: Why did the dance instructor cockblock?

Hint: Another woman (“M”) who is a regular and very popular and has model-good-looks doesn’t interact with the instructor and sits with her group of hotties and a few more-socially-smooth young men at the far end of the dance floor from the instructor.  M has asked me to dance before and we dance together when I feel like asking her.  M and the instructor obviously aren’t friends.



The instructor sees M as a threat.  Girls leave the instructor’s group and go to M’s group.  M has hotter men in her group and hotter women.  I am likewise a threat because I poach from the instructor’s group and I ignore the instructor.  Girls see that and wonder what’s wrong with the instructor.

The instructor was simply fighting back against my poaching.