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Hello my fantastically brilliant readers!  Let’s put our heads together and figure out common difficult questions (shit tests) that girls ask us and figure out replies that will smash those shit tests.

What do you say when a girl says…

  1. “I can’t believe I’m dancing (or talking) with someone so old” (or some variation based on old age)…you say, “If you behave, we might get you an ice cream later.”
  2. “Your fly is open…you say, “It’s hard to keep the tiger caged.”
  3. “But you’re married!”…you say, “My wife doesn’t understand me…I have too much love to give to just one girl.”
  4. “But I have a boyfriend.”…you say, “You’re so lucky…I’m sure he’s a great lover and totally idolizes you.”…she will try to think of ways that her bf isn’t a great lover and she will be turned off when she thinks about him pedestalizing her
  5. “I have to get up early.”…you say, “Sometimes fate only gives us one chance.  We have to grab life by the horns and shake it.”

Feel free to add your questions/answers to the comments.