After posting a comment on a Heartiste post, I realized that I had a FR that addresses the issue of pedestalizing beauty.

Was dancing with a 25ish, petite, HB8+ blonde about midnight Fri. night…very lovely girl…hadn’t met her before that night…had just approached and asked her to dance…she was lit up and was eager to dance…about 10 sec into the dance she moved her hand down to my derriere…I moved her hand back up to my back because leaving the girl’s manual move on my glute would make me appear low value, although her moving her palm to my tradesman’s entrance upped my value in the eyes of other girls watching…then I nuzzled her ear…then I grinned briefly at the lass up close and personal…maybe six inches of separation…then turned her a lot…she managed to brush her tits against various parts of my body…back, arms, even a hand, lol…I thought she was gonna take them out for me to play with right there on the dance floor…at the end of the dance, she said that the dance was amazing.  I left for the evening.

If I had not been zfg (zero fucks given), I would have left the girl’s hand on my posterior…pedestalizing her beauty would have caused me to act as if my own value was lower by leaving her digits on my southern locale.  And yet she was a marvelous minx.