2017-03-21 01.56.44-6

left cabinet and fridge

2017-03-21 01.56.44-5

fridge and right cabinet

2017-03-21 01.56.44-4

behind bar work area

2017-03-21 01.56.44-3

top of bar with skirt

2017-03-21 01.56.44-2

front of bar

2017-03-21 01.56.44-1

front of bar showing trim


I made the plywood frame for the bar and cherry paneling, including cutting and finishing the boards.  I cut and applied the trim, too.  I purchased the teak upper counter top and worked it.  Same with the lower maple work area, which I cut to fit.  I wired the bar myself.  I also purchased the cabinets.  The bar is nine years old or thereabouts.  The skirt is composed of three pieces of cherry.  I bought the skirt pieces and paid to have the corner made and I fitted it all together.  The skirt is solid and can bear weight.