Warning!!!  It’s not gonna be pleasant to read this post for you women who aren’t married!  But it will significantly increase your odds.

First, to get the attention of a hot guy, you must present what hot guys want:

  1. Look your best–and even better than your best.  Consult hair stylists and cosmetologists who will make you appear more feminine.  Frequent boutiques that cater to young women.  For most of you, this will mean laying off chocolate, ice cream, etc. to <I>some</I> degree.  If you want to eat dessert, forego the potatoes and rice.  Eat lots of veggies and not so many fruit.  Get trim by hitting the gym.
  2. Appear feminine.  Long hair (a wig, if necessary, for you older gals).  Brush your hair every day for ten minutes to oil it and make it appear healthy.  Feminine clothes–especially skirts and dresses.  Makeup should give you a nice blush and rosy cheeks and lips.  Accessories.  Don’t look like a butch and don’t color your hair.  Tats make you look masculine–they are scars.
  3. Act feminine.  Don’t be bossy or a know-it-all.  Don’t contradict a man or volunteer your opinion without being able to mitigate its effect.  Don’t push feminism and avoid discussion of controversial topics like politics and religion.   Don’t compete intellectually with men.  Don’t try to insert yourself into his activities just to be with him.  Let your voice be lovely and melodious–not harsh and grating.
  4. Act charming.  This means you have to turn on the thing between your ears.  Use double entendres and don’t cuss or overtly sexualize.  The game of love requires each player to chase sometimes and run away sometimes–don’t always be chasing and don’t always be running away.  For sure, your manner ought to be engaging!!!  If you are shy, you may have to tell the guy.

Second, you must play the field until you think you have interested a hot guy in marriage.  Of course, hot guys are notorious for avoiding commitment, so you will have to bring a lot to the table to get a desirable man to settle down.  So what does a hot guy want in a wife?

Two things…loyalty and sweetness.  Let’s start with sweetness.  This means cooking and cleaning for your man.  Cooking the kind of food that he likes.  It means having a cheery disposition even though you’ve been reamed all day by other people and Aunt Flo is about to show.  You’re not the only person who experiences bad treatment, so be understanding of your man.  Keep a positive attitude.  Let your man eagerly anticipate hearing your voice and miss it when he doesn’t hear it.

To be loyal, you have to mateguard yourself.  This requires both will and ability to do so.  You have to not only WANT to mateguard yourself, you have to BE ABLE to mateguard yourself.  Mateguarding yourself means that you no longer play the field and are no longer around hot guys.  You change your friends if necessary so that they are women who also want to mateguard themselves.  You use social media carefully and don’t interact much with men there or women who are trying to attract men.  You don’t want to attract any men–just one.  Don’t talk to men, except relatives.  No exes.  Ever.

Playing Hide the Vagina ™ is disloyal.  Don’t ever do that.  That’s a good way to lose a hot guy.

Hot guys have lots of options for sex.  Sex will attract him, but won’t get him to commit.  For commitment, you need loyalty and sweetness, which are rare.

You must get out where hot guys are.  If you want a wealthy man, you can find them at resorts and country clubs and shops that sell cigars and other high end shops that cater to men.  Golf courses.  Expensive restaurants.  Exclusive clubs in airports.

Be careful of wealthy men who advertise their wealth–likely, their personalities suck and they will just hustle you.  Hot guys don’t need to attract women with wealth.

Good luck!