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Last Night (Wed.) I went to a salsa club early and saw a brunette I knew from country dancing, whom I haven’t seen in a while.  She is around 22 y.o. and was showing  a lot of midriff, which is flat and beautiful.  I’ve never seen the girl do that before.  She smiled and waved at me, so I went over to see her.  I chatted her up a bit, catching up, then asked her to dance.  I asked her if she was there solo.  She mentioned that her husband was working that night…I had forgotten that she is married.  Anyway, while we were dancing and chatting, I noticed that our faces were getting very close together (maybe 5 inches apart)..the girl was filling up my viewscreen.

This girl is a little pretty in a girl-next-door way and she has always been sweet to me.  I think that she has always liked me.  The girl is always eager to dance with me.  I thought that she was innocent, lol.  (Her body is smashing.)  She actively pinged my radar hard last night, what with filling up my viewscreen and chatting me up a lot and showing off her midriff.  That’s a major tell that a woman is seeking sex if she’s married and solo.  This girl is no innocent unicorn.  She wasn’t mateguarding herself.  The girl was advertising her body and going out to meet men.  I had thought that she was a unicorn.  Her papier mache horn came unglued.  This shows how ingrained the Feminine Imperative is in men where we imagine unicorns.  My delusion was smashed last night, lol.