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We see many instances of women throwing panties and room keys at high status men…Tom Jones…Justin TrudeauConway Twittyetc.

Why does this phenomenon occur?  I suggest that three things are factors.

  1. Women’s emotional spikes lead to women’s sexual arousal spikes.
  2. The objects of women’s sexual arousal are high-status men.
  3. Women’s emotional/sexual arousal plays off of other women’s emotional/sexual arousal because women are herd creatures.

We never see men hurling their underwear at women.  This is therefore a phenomenon exclusive to the distaff sex.  Women are herd creatures.  Their emotions are influenced heavily by other women.  So, when women scream at concerts, their screams influence the emotions of other women, who become highly aroused sexually.  It’s only high status men who trigger this high level of excitement in women.