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You’re lifting too much weight to make yourself believe that you’re stronger than you really are.  So, you’re using bad form and not enough repetitions.  Strength and muscle are increased by time-under-tension.  The amount of time that your muscle is stressed matters a lot.  Lighter weight using a lot more repetitions will build muscle faster than heavier weight and a lot fewer repetitions.  Don’t let your ego get in the way of building muscle.

Bad form

Big Mo is a no-no.  Momentum decreases the muscle tension and increases the tension on joints, tendons, and ligaments.  Injuries are more likely and you’re not getting the time-under-tension muscle-building benefit.  So, make sure that the weight comes to a full stop at the end of the motion.  The weight will acquire rest inertia and rest inertia is a weight lifter’s friend.  Rest inertia helps build muscle.

Speed is also a no-no.  The weight should move at a steady speed throughout its range.  This keeps the muscle under tension throughout.  You may want to do a few reps where you aim for explosive lifting so as to increase your fast-twitch muscle fibers, but the majority ought to be slow and steady.


When you’re lifting, you need high-quality carbs on the day you lift and lots of high-quality protein the day after you lift so that you have the raw materials to build muscle.  So, don’t aim for weight loss while lifting.  Lifting weights will increase energy consumption and you will lose fat if you don’t increase your calorie intake too much.  Don’t cheat on carbs and protein or even fat, since fat is needed to carry high-value vitamins into your gut where they are absorbed.  Eat raw or cooked vegetable along with the high-fat foods in order to minimize how much fat your body absorbs.