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You’re in a bar and you see a beauty.  You need a playful opener that gets her into a role-playing fantasy with you.  Here’s something I wanna try.

Me: Help me!

Beauty: What!?

Me: Compact with mirror, quick!

Beauty gets compact from her purse and gives it to you.

Me: Ugh.  My regular doctor said it would happen.

Beauty: Said what would happen.

Me: Change back into a woman.  I went to Ecuador and found a cheap sex-change surgeon and changed into a man. Now I’m changing back.

Beauty: That’s awful.

Me: Only one thing to do.  We have to go into the ladies room and change clothes.

Beauty: No way!

Me: Yeah.  Just think how small your butt will look in my clothes.  I’ll have a problem, tho.  Wearing your clothes, I’ll show huge cleavage and look like such a slut.