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I have a field report that taught me a bit about how much effort goes into being an alpha.

First, you have to deal with haters.  Some have erupted lately and I’ve blogged about them.  Dealing with haters is part of the work of an alpha.  You have to acknowledge the lie and defeat it.  The lie is another shit test.

Second, you have to provide social proof or people won’t like you.  I spent some time chatting up a married woman who has been annoying in the past, trying to provide her with some comfort so that she won’t be so annoying.  I’m buddies with her husband.  (The husband is well-liked, but beta, with some alpha qualities.  He worries too much about getting in trouble by displeasing his wife.  The husband lets the wife wear the pants in the relationship.)

Third, you have to chat up people you don’t know and deal with Blue Piller men  The wrong kind of info will mess up your relationship with Blue Pillers.  I told some bouncers some stories from my life and they reacted negatively.  Blue Pillers can’t handle stories about how sexual women are.  You have to hide women’s sexuality from Blue Pillers or else they become angry because they will assume that you did something bad to cause women to become sexual.  Blue Pillers will blame you rather than question the Blue Pill if you say something contrary to the Blue Pill.  Somehow you have to bring value to Blue Pill men without pinging their white-knight reflex.

Fourth, you have to put together your group of men who will be your group with shared loyalty and maintain relationships with them.  This requires time spent on conversations and thought.