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When you bring value, other people will envy you and attempt to demolish you.  How do you defeat that?  Just keep bringing value consistently.  People may initially buy into the intrigue, but as they see you continuing to bring value, they will give up the erroneous position.

It’s not a case of being “above” the people who are attacking you.  Trying to be “above” the opposition puts you into their frame and gives them some credibility.  It also leads you to think of yourself more highly than you ought and to forget what’s important.  You got to be envied because you brought value to others.  Keep bringing value and you will continue to be viewed as a high value person.

This lesson was brought home to me recently as I experienced a lot of drama from other people.  One Saturday night, someone told my friends that I had brought a girl to the bar.  I asked who the girl was and where she was, lol.  We both wondered why people would do that.  Of course, it’s because of envy and/or fear.  Another night, an old man called me “creeper” as I passed by him.  More envy.  Another night, a woman danced in front of my table and did a double-take as I passed by her.  Attention-whoring drama because she feels that she threw herself at me and I scorned her.

First, the drama from envy comes as a result of me dancing with pretty young women.  That shows Preselection (i.e., that a man is attractive to many women).  A man will be seen as high value because pretty young women want to dance with him.  If the man is old and married that will create Dread in the minds of old women who are in LTRs because they fear that their men will imitate me and perhaps they will lose their men.  So, those women dislike me because of Dread.  It’s because I bring value that I am disliked and envied.  The lesson I learned was that a man will be disliked and envied when he is high value and awesome.

When the man called me “creeper”, I was initially concerned that the tag would stick.  Then I remembered all the times that pretty young women flirted with me obnoxiously and very publicly.  Those women hip-checked me when bumping hips, spanked me, tried to steal a handkerchief from my back pocket, danced cuddly with me, said publicly that they let me do whatever I wanted to with them, chatted me up a lot, tell me that I’m “charming” and “awesome”, etc.  Tagging me with “boy scout” would have been far more damaging.  Even then, I flirt some with women, so that tag likely wouldn’t stick either.  Eventually, I realized that the charge wouldn’t stick and that all I needed to do was what I had been doing, which was to bring value.  Dance with women, teach women to dance, and bring a floor show by dancing well.  The bar employees recognize my value although perhaps one or more envy me and see me as a threat because they are insecure.  Here, I am speaking of a few of the young bouncers.

Early last Saturday night, I saw a woman on a mostly empty dance floor dancing by herself.  She approached my area and left to return to another girl.  I went on the dance floor and asked her to dance and she accepted.  I spent a couple of dances teaching her to dance, then led her off the floor to where I was sitting to tell her where she could take group dance lessons.  A man from the “awkward” group tried to pull her onto the dance floor, but she refused because she wanted to continue our convo.  Then, some girls from the awkward group joined us, and they, too, became interested in learning where they could take group dance lessons, so we all had a convo for a few minutes.  The man who tried to pull the girl experienced rejection and felt like a loser.  He was a loser because of envy and not bringing value and being awkward.  And I brought value and was a winner.

Just keep being awesome by continuing to bring value.