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Over at The Rational Male, Rollo Tomassi just posted “The Price of Nice“.  His post examines two letters.  One is by a beta nice guy to women complaining about how women treat nice guys and shaming women.  The other is by a woman responding to the shaming and putting down betas.  This post generated many comments by betas, especially MGTOWs.  Most were blaming women and it started me thinking about why a man would choose MGTOW.

Betas are the primary victims of feminist propaganda.  Of that there can be no doubt.  Betas are demoralized by their failure in the mating pool.  When they realize that they’ve been defrauded of sex because of hostile propaganda, they look for someone to blame.  Naturally, they blame women.  After all women get to have lots of sex with hot men.  So, they are the culprits, right?

No, most women are oblivious to how men are propagandized.  Women are also propagandized, though women aren’t hurt by it like betas are.  And, of course, women fundamentally don’t understand men, because women are solipsistic.  Women really only care about what directly impacts them and their children.  And maybe their men, if their men are hot.  Ok, I’m rambling a bit down an interesting path.  But it’s needed to support my main point.  Women don’t understand men feeling betrayed.  It’s an idealism thing.  Men are idealistic and women are solipsistic.  Because men are idealistic, we feel betrayal differently than women do.  It hits our ego hard and tests our frame.  Betrayal is an attack on our self-respect as well as breaking trust.  Men want to strike back to restore our self-respect.  And betas see women as the beneficiaries and conclude that women betrayed them.  Of course, most women are propagandized like men, so most women aren’t the ones who consciously propagandized men.  After all, there are plenty of men who are White Knights and/or feminists who spread propaganda which hurts betas.  Lots of men do this.  Likely the majority of men.  So blaming women is foolish.  Blaming and looking to strike back is foolish even though it feels right to betas.

The response of both women and alphas to betas discovering that they’ve been hurt by propaganda is to undo the programming and to improve themselves.  But betas feel like they shouldn’t have to improve themselves because they’ve been betrayed.  So betas look to avoid women generally.  To escape women.  Escapism.   Escaping women and lots of social activity that both men and women engage in means that betas will forgo not only sex, but lots of social activity and fun things.  By escaping, betas avoid dealing with the negative programming with which they’ve been infected.  MGTOWs are fundamentally diseased.  And they don’t want to get well.  Because it’s painful to deal with negative programming and to face your inadequacies and weaknesses.  It’s painful to change.  Your self-respect takes yet another hit.  And another.  And another.  But self-examination is required to get better.  Pain is the price of self-improvement.

Pain sucks, but escapism is a disease and a slow death.  Life isn’t fair.  Deal with it.

*”beta” A sexually unattractive man.  Women go “Ugh!” when thinking about having sex with such a man.  Said man might even be handsome, but just socially awkward and weak.

*”MGTOW” Men Going Their Own Way

*”solipsism”  I use it in the sense of a woman interpreting all data as to how it will impact herself or her family.