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This weekend has been a blur.  I can’t remember all the details, there was so much going on.  I’ll do my best for you, my readers.

I went to my country hookup bar to get stories for my book, as usual.  Of course, I aim to bring the party with me wherever I go.  And I dance.  A lot.  With a lot of different women.  All kinds of women.  Old, young, ugly, pretty, it doesn’t matter.  Being fun can make a dance with an old, ugly woman fun.  She will catch the fun and it will be a good time.  So, bring the party, class.  Repeat after me: “Bring the party.” Nice job!  Now back to the bar now for our field trip.

I got to the bar before eight.  Chatted up a bouncer buddy.  It was slooow.  Not many people.  But I saw someone I knew, so I chatted her up.  She was a HB5 (plain) who thought she was HB8 (very pretty).  Didn’t matter, she could carry on a convo and it was a good time.  The line dance lesson started, so end of convo.  A little exercise of mind and body.  Self-improvement.  Girls watch to see if a man is coordinated and can learn quickly.  Age doesn’t matter if a man is nimble in body and mind.  Dancing helps to eliminate pain because of endorphins from dancing.  I also said hi to several people.  Social proof which girls notice.  The lesson ended and social dancing re-commenced.

I asked one girl to dance who initially didn’t want to until I told her that I’m a dance instructor, which is true–I just don’t ask for payment.  I have taught hundreds of girls to dance and they learn to dance easily with me, with a few exceptions.  The girl’s friend encouraged her and the girl was happy to go try to dance and she did very well following.  It was a fun time for all.  I danced with her friend as well, and the friend seemed to be into me.  I was warm from dancing and wanted to cool off, so I suggested going outside and she wanted to go, too.  We went outside and chatted.  The girl whined about smokers, so I suggested going outside the patio, but she declined.  The girl needed water, so we went into another bar. I put my hand on her hip in the classic bf hold and the girl didn’t move away.  The girl was down for the deal.  She ordered a drink as well and discussed having had five drinks over five hours.  She was well lubricated, but still coordinated.  Hmmm.  High alcohol tolerance.  Not a good sign.  And the girl was hoping I would pay for her drink.  She wanted a man to “take care of her”.  A bf with bucks.  No, I didn’t pay.  Time to eject.  I suggested staying a bit and the girl declined, saying that she had told her friend that she would be back.  “I took her home early”.  Back to the bar and didn’t talk to her again.  There were lots of people by this time.

Oh, there was a waitress (early 20s) whose butt cheeks were hanging out of her ultra-Daisy Dukes.  At least her body was worth displaying.  And she had facial piercings out the wazoo.  The waitress would have been pretty without all the piercings.  Maybe I’ll paint up my facial scars for fun next time I go out.  Two are almost unnoticeable because they’ve faded.  I have three.  Maybe three different colors?

Anyway, I danced with a lot of gals, including two older blondes.  One was a horrible dancer, likely because she was just thinking about sex.  Very aggressive.  Done up as well as possible.  She liked to dance cuddly, but she couldn’t keep the beat.  Probably too independent in her daily life and this carried over to the dance floor.  Anyway, I used the cuddly hold to keep her on beat and the girl was able to do this for a while.  At least she had big boobs.  I’m feeling more comfortable dancing cuddly with girls.

The other girl of the pair was more feminine and sweeter.  She could keep a beat and wasn’t aggressive.  I lifted her up in the air high, my forearm under her butt, in the classic dad-lifting-kid hold.  The girl shrieked, lol, and said that she was scared of heights.  The girl wrapped her arms around my neck.  She still was warm despite her fright and thanked me enthusiastically for dancing with her.  I like her sweetness and warmth.  She’s a little shy, but that’s Ok.

Finally, there was the Italian.  Very pretty and a little exotic.  Light brown hair cut short and it still looked good on her.  When I danced with this girl, she was using the “Fuck me” stare all the time.  The Italian was with a guy, it seemed.  I danced a couple of times with her during the night.  Kind of a freaky girl.  Fun and warm.  I felt uncomfortable because of the guy.  She made out with him at the bar for a bit.  I figured that the girl was his gf, but I should have asked her directly.  Lesson learned.  Anyway, once when I went to get water at the bar, the Italian showed up on the other side.  She didn’t say hi, but ordered a drink.  I tapped her on the back and said hi and we chatted and she asked me to dance again.  The girl was careful to not seem too interested and try hard.  Still, she was chasing.  A good sign.

I left the bar and went home.