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A common meme among men is that dancing is gay.  Fear of dancing is a fear of gayness from adolescence.  Tap dancing adolescent boys tended to be effeminate, so boys were inculcated with a fear of gayness and dancing.  However, lead/follow dancing is an Old School way of introducing romance to boys and girls.  L/F dancing has nothing to do with tap dancing except the word “dancing”.  L/F dancing is about men leading women and women following men.  L/F dancing is not about the men looking like a twinkletoes, but about showing good spatial intelligence, good nonverbal skills, the ability to command a woman physically (dominating her), and social skills, among other things.

Boys who never outgrew their fear of dancing retain that fear of dancing into adulthood; hence, they remain emotionally immature and stunted.  If a man has any inhibitions about dancing, he should examine himself to find out why.  Perhaps he is running an old tape from adolescence about dancing being gay.  Girls intuitively understand that men who are afraid to dance are likely emotionally immature and insecure.