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Remember the movie “The Matrix” where humans were plugged into machines in order to provide resources for the machines?  Remember that the humans were drugged and programs were implanted in their brains so that the humans were experiencing a fantasy and were unaware of the reality of what the machines were doing.  Remember that taking the Red Pill caused the humans to be released from the drugs and to possibly escaped the fantasy world?  Remember how attractive that fantasy world was compared to reality?  No wonder that people didn’t want to escape their fantasies.

Our current reality is eerily similar to the movie “The Matrix”.  People, especially men, are brainwashed/programmed to believe that women are Madonnas who must be protected and provided for at all costs.  The programming is that most women are virtuous; the exceptions are whores.  The reality is that most women are sexually active, neither madonnas nor whores.  The deceptive programming says that women need to be protected from men who “take advantage” of them.  The reality is that women are free agents and are sexually active because they are following their own desires.  A great deal of this hostile programming came from chivalry.

So, men are especially harmed by this hostile programming because most men look at women as if women are madonnas.  These men treat women like madonnas, thinking that the madonnas will recognize the good will of the men and reciprocate with sexual desire.  However, nothing could be further from the truth.  Women like men who are sexually daring…men who take risks and sexualize conversations and move in close to women and touch women.  So, lots of men end up involuntarily celibate.  Captive monks, essentially.  Held captive by hostile programs running in their heads.  It’s not fair, of course.

There’s no authority that men can complain to about the unfairness of reality.  There’s no advantage in blaming women who benefit from the Blue Pill fantasy that has men snared.  Many women benefit from it but are as unaware of the fantasy as are men.  The only thing for men to do is to recognize those programs and not let those programs control their thinking…when men can laugh at those programs, the men are well on their way to freedom from the Matrix.  It’s not an instantaneous event.  There will be difficulties.  Men may slip in and out of the Matrix as they try to escape it..  However, many men have escaped and it’s in the interest of a man to escape the Matrix so that he can live his life freely and have more agency.