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Girls sometimes have to be trained to behave properly.  Perhaps they weren’t trained properly by fathers.  Anyway, the manospherian consensus is that you train girls like you would dogs.

First, emotions like anger, annoyance, and butthurtedness (bitterness) will likely make your training ineffective.  So, if you are feeling these emotions, wait for them to subside.  This isn’t about punishment for disobedience or about meting out justice.  It is purely discipline.  Training.

So, first you affirm the dog’s position in the pack in dog training.  You have to do the same with a girl.  Affirm her social position.  Affirm your relationship with her.  You want her to feel like she still belongs.  You may need to provide comfort by reestablishing rapport.  A little goes a long way.  You don’t want to make her too comfortable because you want her to feel discomfort associated with her bad behavior or her failure to behave properly.

Second, be insistent.  If a dog poops on the carpet, you put his nose near the poop.  You make it clear what the issue is.  If he does it again, you again put his nose near the poop.  You are insistent about his need to change his behavior.  With girls, you need to be clear about the desired outcome.  There was a girl who treated me rudely and disrespectfully.  I needed to be insistent about her bad behavior, but I was unclear, so she never changed her behavior.

Third, you must be persistent.  Keep the training going until the dog’s behavior changes to the way you want.  With girls, you must also be persistent.  This means not letting her negotiate her way out of changing her behavior.  Keep your frame like iron.

Fourth, you must be consistent.  Dogs don’t respond well to inconsistent training.  Neither do girls.  Consistency is essential.  You must persevere in training with the same methods and the same expectations until the desired behavior is consistent.

Fifth, you must reward good behavior.  Dogs get a treat, a verbal reward, and petting.  Girls get verbal affirmation, kino, and maybe a date as they show the desired behavior.

Sixth, do not argue.  That will waste your time and make you appear weak and undermine your position as a social leader.  If a girl tries to argue, cut her short.  Make your expectations clear and your facts clear and don’t let her trick you into arguing about them.  Be firm and decisive.