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In a relationship, the hottest thing you can say to amp up feminine desire is “I want your butt.”  It wafts the musky odor of Eau de Alpha Entitlement, a potent aphrodisiac which parts feminine limbs and causes quim to gather like nectar in some fragrant blossom.  A man acting like he’s entitled sends a covert message straight to the sex center of the distaff brain that this man has many options, which is why he acts entitled.  No wonder that your buxom blonde beauty will be anxious to acquiesce to your cupidinous cavorting pleasure.

The opposite of entitlement is negotiation.  Negotiation is a shower of liquid nitrogen to the libidos of lovely lasses.  The omega who says, “Can we have sex if I do the dishes?”  dessicates the pulchritudinous pussies of nubile babes.  Even “Can we have sex” iis weak and will at best garner mediocre vanilla sex, though it is a damn sight better than negotiating for sex.  As Rollo says, “You cannot negotiate desire.”  “Even if a man were to give all the riches of his house for love, it would be utterly despised.”  Beta bucks is for chumps.