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I’m not saying that PUAs are better leaders of men, but they are better leaders of women…better at leading women to have sex.

I asked a couple of women what they though of men who act like Boy Scouts.  I prompted them with “Boys Scouts are…”.  They both appended “…boring!”  Boy Scouts don’t lead women to have sex.  PUAs lead women to have sex.  Women want to be led to have sex.  They don’t think about this consciously, but their biological urges want a sexual environment.  Boy Scouts are asexual.  “Boring” means “asexual”.  However, women don’t want to think about their biological urges because it pings their ASD.  Their Anti-Slut Defense.  Pinging ASD creates bad feelings in women.  So, don’t talk about this with women you are gaming unless you are a master at calibrating women and defusing their ASD.

PUAs are interesting to women because PUAs are sexual and PUAs create a sexual environment which women’s biological urges want.  When most men (betas) think of PUAs, however, they think that women find PUAs repellent because those men think that PUAs “take advantage” of women.  Betas think that women think of PUAs as cads who have their minds in the gutter.  So betas aim to act like Boy Scouts, thinking that they will show more value than PUAs…be better than “all those other guys”.  Of course, women find Boy Scout behavior to be profoundly uninteresting.  Boy Scouts don’t lead women very well…to have sex.  Women feel good about PUAs.  If you tell most women that a man is a PUA, that will not put them off.  Rather that will only serve to confirm a woman’s biological instincts that the PUA is sexually desirable.

If a man wants sex, he shouldn’t act like a Boy Scout.