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This morning I was taking Mrs. Gamer to get her car worked on and she was very shameless, flirting aggressively with me in public–in the parking lot of the shop, with a shit-eating grin on her face.  This suggested today’s post.

Let’s suppose that I’m chatting up a hottie and want to indicate Preselection in order to demonstrate my high value (DHV).  I can also use my experiences dancing as well as my experiences with Mrs. Gamer.  I might say something like the following.

I was doing a favor for one of my girls today.  She needed a ride to work because she needed to have her car worked on.  So I met her at the repair shop and she got her car checked in.

We were out in the parking lot and I was opening my girl’s door for her.  My girl (I’ll call her “Jessie” short for Jezebel)  started doing transmission repair on my stick with a shit-eating grin on her face.  Utterly shameless.  This girl is an authentic Good Girl ™.  Totally in love with me.  Has never been with any other man.  Jessie has told me that she can’t imagine being with any man other than me.  Didn’t even know how to French kiss when we met.  Jessie has friends who are also good girls.  Don’t go clubbing, don’t do Girls’ Night Out.  Jessie isn’t even on Facebook.  And a beautiful girl to boot.  Yet this Good Girl ™ was flirting shamelessly with me in public.  Not even in a club at night all boozed up–out in daily life in public and stone cold sober.  You women are all like that.

Now I don’t like to PDA.  I like privacy for sex.  Sneaking can be fun and being naughty and risking discovery can be fun, but I don’t like to be the pornstar.  So, what Jessie was doing wasn’t giving me thrills, though she didn’t mind others seeing what she was doing.  Girls sometimes fantasize about being pornstars.  About being desired by hot men who are getting turned on by seeing the girls being sexual.  I suspect that you women are all like that.

I can be dancing in a club or dance studio with a toral stranger and she will want to grind on me or will let her hand slide off my back and down to my butt and she will cup my cheek briefly before she breaks connection.  Or a woman will move in close and tight while we are dancing.  And I haven’t even chatted with these women.  These women are strangers.  This isn’t infrequent.  You women will do what you think you can get away with.  And you women think about sex as much as men do if you are around hot men.  Probably more.

Yes, you women are all like that.  I’m sure you have lots of stories you could tell about how you have flirted shamelessly with strangers.  I enjoy telling my stories, but not everybody is like that.

This, as I said, demonstrates my high value.  It uses my authentic life experiences and I’m just telling a story about my life, which I enjoy doing, so I don’t give off any discomfort vibes.  I am sharing my emotions and opening up about my vulnerabilities, on my terms.  I am not supplicating, but am talking because I enjoy talking and sharing about myself.  I’m not afraid to show my vulnerabilities.  It’s a sign of confidence.

This story is very sexual and intimate.  You will likely have similar stories if you do lead/follow dancing in clubs.  Build stories based on your own experiences.  Some should be fun and naughty, but not sexual, like when you sneaked out of school to drink beer..  Start with those.  Sprinkle in some sexual stories and calibrate the reaction.

When you tell your stories to women, be prepared to get a couple of shit-tests soon after you tell it.  You can also tell your stories to men to entertain them and build social proof.