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I got a text from a man who is a friend.  I had invited him to go with me to my country bar.  He went thru a bad breakup on Christmas…got taken by his gf for school money, then she split.  He has insecurity issues.  I’m trying to get his mind on other things than his breakup.  My friend agreed to meet me at the bar.

My friend texted me that he would be running late.  I danced with some girls and one of them invited me to join her at her table.  I accepted and figured that my friend (who doesn’t dance) would at least have someone to talk with while I was dancing.  The girls were nice and friendly.  And I have someone to watch my drink while I’m dancing and a base in the bar where I can pull girls if I want.

I danced with about 15-20 women last night.  Four women 50-60-ish.  One 40 y.o.  Several 30-somethings and 20-somethings.  One fatty.  Seven were hotties.  One 50-ish woman danced close every time I danced with her.  One of the hotties was with her bf.

There was an interesting dynamic with the hottie and her bf.  When I first approached her, I asked her if she was with someone whose permission I’d need to ask her to dance.  She said that she had a bf, but he was out smoking and she’d like to dance with me.  The hottie (I’ll call her ‘B’) followed well and I enjoyed dancing with her.  I returned to her table and met two of her girlfriends and asked them to dance and one accepted.  The blonde begged off, saying that her outfit wasn’t modest enough for dancing.  She was afraid that her butt would be exposed during turns.  The woman had a very skimpy outfit on.

When I returned to B’s table later, her bf was there and I asked him if I had his permission to ask B to dance.  He said, “Sure.”  It was like he was throwing B at me so he could drink.  I asked B to dance again.  After the dance, B said that she appreciated that I had been polite and had asked her if there was someone whose permission I needed before I asked her to dance.  That was a compliment about my social acuity.  I told her that I didn’t want to get in a fight over a woman.  I also said that sometimes men get offended even when I ask them for permission and B thought that getting offended was ridiculous; she said that we were dancing, not having sex.  B sexualized the conversation.  That’s a mild hint worth following up.

Later, I took my friend over to see B.  One of B’s friends mentioned that my friend is attractive, so I asked her to persuade my friend to learn to dance.  She said that a man who dances well is a turn on to women.  She also said that I was “scary” after she had danced with me because I am such a good dancer.  Threatening.  Like threatening because her panties seem to be sliding off her after having danced with me.  I’ll need to make sure that girls are feeling comfortable dancing with me.  If they feel that I’m too good for them, they won’t want to dance with me.

I returned to the table later and spoke with the blonde about her outfit.  She apologized for not having a dancing outfit on, so I told B to tell her that she needed to wear a dancing outfit next time.  B complied.  The blonde and I chatted a bit at her table.  B’s bf returned.  I bid him and B good night, in that order.  The bf was polite in his reply, but B smiled warmly when she said good night.  Bookmark this chick.  And the blonde.

One of the girls I had danced with (blonde HB8) was playing “Chase me”.  She had disappeared for a few minutes from her spot.  My buddy noted that she had returned to stand in my field of vision as she hugged a friend and had glanced at me out of the corner of her eye.  It’s good to have confirmation about your observations–that you aren’t just seeing what you want to see.

I had danced a couple of dances with a 5 ft., trim pretty Hispanic brunette who followed well (sweet girl).  She was standing in my field of vision not far from my table.  Her friends wouldn’t dance with me.  Dancing with her was enjoyable.  A hostile bodybuilder/PUA came over to try to Game her near me.  My buddy noted that it was an obvious attempt to AMOG me/bother me.  We laughed at his antics.  The PUA gave up after a few minutes even though the girl was laughing.  He lost the dominance game…yet again. lol

My buddy noted about me that I have great confidence and a ZFG attitude.  He’s very perceptive.

There was a pretty, trim Caucasian brunette, 5’5″, 140 lbs., who reminded me of my college gf, who was also hovering in my field of vision.  I danced a few dances with her and she wasn’t too bad at following.  Sweet girl.

My buddy chatted up one of the bouncers, then said good night.  I checked my phone for the time, then walked out with him.