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Heartiste (CH), previously known as Roissy, published an interesting post that is a fine jumping off point.  CH wrote

[A beta] will never LEAD a woman.

Betas can be trained to lead women.  An excellent way for betas to do this is to learn lead/follow dancing.  Then, they have to do it until leading women becomes a habit even off the dance floor.

CH keyboarded (heh), talking about an alpha and his woman:

He wasn’t shy about chastising and correcting her

I was dancing with a broad last night who was a decent dancer, but she tried to take over the lead in one pattern.  I corrected her, despite the fact that I didn’t know her before the dance.  She submitted and we eventually did the pattern correctly.  It wasn’t a complicated pattern, but she thought that she had to understand the pattern in order to do it.  Nope.  A woman doesn’t get to judge whether a pattern will work.  She has to trust and follow.  A woman can quit if she gets hurt or expects that she will be hurt.  (She had better really know her dancing shit if she expects that she will be hurt.)  That is appropriate.

Anyway, leading can become a habit, even for betas, especially if they do a lot of lead/follow dancing.  And dancing with women gives them emotional thrills.  Something about lasering on a man’s physical commands goes to the sexual brain of a woman.  The turns give her a roller-coaster ride.  Dancing among other people gives her comfort and a sense of being socially connected and socially secure.  Touching a man in a frame automatically gives her comfort and tingles.  You set a strong frame and women conform to it.  Frame control.  Many women will tell you that men who dance are very attractive.  That ain’t beta bucks, Buckwheat.

If you can show a girl a good time in one dance, other girls will see that and want to dance with you.  Preselection via dancing.  So, dancing is not mostly about you being Mr. Twinkletoes.  Get that Blue Pill shit out of your head.  Dancing is about showing your social value because women enjoy dancing and chatting with you.  Lots of social connections = perceived high value.  Dancing lets you build value through building your social connections.  Dancing well lets you build value because good leads have status around the dance floor.  And that expectation of status carries over off the dance floor to daily life.

Dancing well shows that you can keep time to the music.  Artistic value.  Aesthetic value.  You show your value for all to see.

Connecting well with your partner in a dance is a high-level ability that shows your value, especially to your partner.  Calibration.  Judgment.  Perception.  Understanding of your partner.  Personal value.  Social value.  You show that you Just Get It.

Then, you have to learn to chat while you dance.  Walk and chew gum at the same time.  Learn to leave conversational bread crumbs so that women will want to continue chatting you up even after you leave the dance floor leading them back to their seat.

Learning to dance well takes time and effort and some money spent on group lessons.  There are no instantaneous routes to Game, but lead/follow dancing is the easiest and most natural way for betas to train themselves in Game.

Lead/follow dancing is the Old School way that men learned Game.  Those Old Schoolers were very smart.