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Let’s suppose that you’re talking with a pretty girl and she says, “I have a boyfriend.”  Because of Hypergamy, girls are always looking to trade up.  So, you can use Hypergamy to your advantage to poach this girl.  Her default is that she will stay with her bf because his SMV is adequate, so you have to change the girl’s attitude towards her bf so that his SMV takes a hit in her eyes.

How do you do this?  Give the girl a negative compliment about her boyfriend.  If he’s old, you say that he’s a great guy with a cool BMW that she enjoys when she drives him to the store to get his Depends.  If he’s a weightlifter you say that it’s awesome that he’s done so much to make himself attractive to women, implying that he’s not attractive without a body and that he’s try-hard and supplicating women by lifting weights.  You don’t want to be obvious with your negs.  Let the woman take the things that are unsaid to lower his value on her own.  You may need to give the bf some actual compliments in order to give yourself plausible deniability that you aren’t running Boyfriend Destroyer Game.  Be indirect and subtle.

A compliment raises someone’s value or acknowledges someone’s value.  A negative compliment lowers someone’s value or acknowledges someone’s low value.

So, if you neg a bf, lowering his value in her eyes, she will re-calculate his value and her Hypergamy may decide that he’s not worth keeping.  You may have to run a few iterations of this game in order for the woman to make the decision to abandon him.

This will also make you aware that someone else may be running BDG on you with a girl you’re hooking up with.  You may discover that you need to reestablish your value in your girl’s eyes.  Use backhanded compliments especially with self-deprecation to do this so that it’s not obvious what you’re doing.  Also, try to discover who has been running BDG on your girl and run counter Game to destroy his value; essentially, you run BDG on your girl as if the other guy is her bf.