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It is better to live in a corner of the roof

Than in a house shared with a contentious woman.

Prov. 25:24, New American Standard Bible

Lots of relationship wisdom in this little verse.  Don’t argue with a woman.  Don’t supplicate a woman.  Don’t ask a woman for forgiveness.  Don’t try to please a woman who is contentious.  Just GTFO.

You as a man need a hideout…a place that is off-limits to your woman…a sanctuary.  You may need to get your own tiny apartment.  Move out if you have to.  Your woman should respect your space.  Calling the cops is an option.  Better is to get in your car and leave if you can and stay away a few hours or days.

If you argue with a woman, you enter her frame and she has won and you will have relationship problems; sex problems.  If you supplicate a woman, she will despise you.  If you ask a woman for forgiveness, you will appear weak.  (You can apologize if you have violated your own ethics and you ought to only apologize a minimal amount and only once and on your terms.  No unconditional surrender.)  If a woman is contentious, there can be no pleasing her.  Leave.  GTFO ASAP.

A man going aloof is catnip to women.  They wonder what you are doing.  Women will imagine all kinds of shit about you–that you are seeing another woman, etc.  That’s good for you.  You don’t want to reassure her.  You also don’t want to tell her you are seeing another woman.  That’s too “in your face” and obviously manipulative and makes you appear try-hard.  Let her imagination work for you.