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In a previous post, I explained that young women must be trained to behave respectably.  Despite this receiving this training, women won’t be ready to use it until their judgment matures, which occurs around age 22.  Until then, these women must be corralled; they must be kept away from men except for carefully chaperoned events.  Young women must be monitored; check out their friends and where they spend their time.  Expect them to lie and don’t trust them beyond what you can verify.  Check their cell phones and online activity.  Give them no privacy or independence.  Verify constantly.

Once these young women reach age 22, you can begin to give them more freedom and independence, but continue to monitor them somewhat, decreasing the amount as the women show that they can act respectably when given independence and more freedom of action.  Always be monitoring your women’s friends to make sure that those friends aren’t bad influences.