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I’ve seen women act creepy and obnoxious and unrespectable.  A married, vocally-religious woman played Grabass with a man who wasn’t her husband.  A woman with a boyfriend flirted with me and didn’t introduce him to me as her bf.  Women chase attention from men by yelling at those men in public places like prostitutes on the street. Unrespectable.

Let’s look at women’ baseline behavior when they are untrained.  They treat men either like fuck toys or ATMs.  Women yell at men in public places like prostitutes.  Women act like sluts and use men simply for their resources.  This is unrespectable behavior.  Women have to be trained how to act respectably.  Girls need to act respectably if they want to be respected by men.  Don’t yell at men in public places like prostitutes on the street.  Don’t have avoidable wardrobe malfunctions.  If you’re married, mateguard yourself.  If you’re married, don’t be easily found by ex-bfs/hookups.  If you’re unmarried, go out with responsible chaperones.  Don’t have slutty friends.  Don’t advertise your availability like a prostitute.  Don’t go feeling up men or rubbing your tits on them out in public.  Don’t grind in public.

The training is best done starting at puberty by the mother and father.  Mothers ought to train girls about wardrobe and cosmetics and proper flirting for girls.  Fathers ought to train girls about chastity–friends, pregnancy, STDs, the cost of sex, and chaperones.  Fathers also need to train girls to treat men with respect.  For example, don’t manipulate men into fighting each other for your amusement or use them as plow horses.  Don’t ambush men with untimely accusations or controversies.  Don’t belittle men or treat men with contempt.  Fathers and mothers need to train girls that it’s Ok to be playful and use sexual innuendo such as double entendres.  Parents must not give the message that sex is dirty, but they must train girls in respectable sexual behavior.