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Over at Secular Patriarchy you can read standard Trad-Con nonsense by both the blogger and commenters about how men are to blame for women’s problems.  Yes “game” can be thought of as self-improvement and a means for men to succeed better with women but usually the end goal of game is simply to “pump and dump” women; to have sex with women as soon as possible with the least investment or effort possible.   Jesse Powell is the owner of SP.  However, he obviously doesn’t understand Game or PUAs.  In the past, I have demolished the notion that PUAs aim to Pump and Dump women.  P&D is expensive in terms of resources.  PUAs instead aim to spin plates–to have medium term sexual relationships with several women because that is the most cost effective approach.  Mr. Powell obviously doesn’t understand this–that pumping and dumping is expensive; he has contradicted himself.

Why does Mr. Powell not understand PUAs?  Because he’s pursuing a Code of Chivalry–that men should protect women.  Especially from other men.  You see, in Mr. Powell’s fantasy world, those evil PUAs are tricking and seducing virtuous women.  Mr. Powell obviously doesn’t go where PUAs are to see for himself what is going on.  Women are fighting each other tooth and nail to fuck the PUAs.  Almost every woman in the bar.  Week after week–it’s a different set of women’s faces, but the same old story.  PUAs generally aren’t tricking women–they are simply presenting themselves effectively and flirting and grappling with women.

Mr. Powell makes the following accusation against Roosh: Roosh V is talking about pursuing sex with random women he barely knows, women he will dump very quickly after having sex with them a few times.  I seriously doubt that Roosh is pumping and dumping women.  Roosh is a traveling PUA.  He goes to a country and has sex with some girls there and moves to another country.  The girls <I>know</I> that Roosh is traveling and that he isn’t available for a relationship.  The girls <I>count on</I> being able to keep their sex with Roosh on the down low.  Roosh isn’t “taking advantage” of the girls any more than the girls are “taking advantage” of Roosh.  Why does Mr. Powell think that Roosh is “taking advantage” of the girls?  Because Mr. Powell has an axe to grind–his obsolete Code of Chivalry.  Trad-Con nonsense.  Mr. Powell thinks that if women behave badly, it must somehow be the fault of men.  Bullshit.  If PUAs are “exploiting” women, then these same women are “exploiting” PUAs.  Message for Mr. Powell: Women have agency and free will.  They brag about having sex with men and about having sex with the entire football team.  Quit pushing your White-Knighting codswallop.  You sound just like feminists with your man-blaming.  Not a dime’s worth of difference between you and feminists.

Insanitybytes adds her own delusional message.  Well said. I love your kindness and respect for women, even the feminists and the fallen. You are right, just because such women exist, does not mean they exist for men to exploit. Being a man is about leading, not preying on the weak and broken.  Hamsterlation: Roosh is an evil PUA preying on weak and broken women.  Guess what?  All women are broken.  Women prey on PUAs.  The old women who do this we call “cougars”.  Predators.  And Roosh is broken, too, not some evil PUA preying on women.  Quit blaming men and own your shit as a woman if you want to be taken seriously!

Radical One says, It’s not that women are complete innocent bystanders with no influence but ultimately men are responsible for the state of affairs.  Who decides most elections?  Women.  And sure, many men are feminists and are feminists because they are following a Code of Chivalry like Mr. Powell, so we can blame male feminists for much of the trouble in the world today.  Male feminists like Mr. Powell.  But, since you female feminists are pushing the same “Blame Men First” message as the male feminists, you also have to shoulder blame.

Radical One, excusing women for their bad behavior, writes, It’s not that most women set out to be promiscuous, most just don’t know any better.  Lol, the women I see in the country bar who are chasing PUAs are nurses, teachers, realtors, etc.  Upper Middle Class and college educated.  They don’t know no better!  Lol

Radical One pushes more nonsense out there.  They start having sex with guys as teenagers, in a society where the media influences them to be sexy and have sex, looking for love, yet none of the boys want commitment and society and the parents don’t force the issue. Eventually children come into the picture and more broken relationships and the cycle just keeps repeating itself.

The media has some influence, but the message to be a Strong, Independent Woman does more damage.  The truth is, women need to be corralled until they reach adulthood around 22.  Women need to be trained to control themselves.  However, mothers nowadays are telling their daughters to use birth control, as some have told me.  [We know you’re going to have sex, wink, wink]  Mothers are training their daughters to have sex without immediate consequences.  Mothers used to push their daughters to marry early and be chaste.  Not anymore.

It’s not the men who won’t commit.  Lots of men are looking for their One True Love ™.  They have bought into the Disney fantasy.  No, it’s the girls who want to ride the cock carousel who won’t commit.  The girls know that hot guys generally won’t commit, but they hope that they will win the lottery and get commitment from a hot guy.  Girls sleep around on their boyfriend chumps, sleeping with hot guys in hopes of trading up.

Why are there broken relationships?  Women divorce their chump husbands early in the marriage, typically.  He just doesn’t do it for her any more and she feels like she’s in bondage.  She wants hot sex like she had when she was single.  The Seven Year Itch.

These feminists like Powell, Insanity, and Radical aim to excuse women for their bad behavior.  They are merely the other side of the media coin which pushes women to be sexy and sexual because they cover up women’s bad behavior and blame it on men.  Women need to own their shit before they can get help.  White Knighting feminists are part of the problem.