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Romantic Holidays (including birthdays and wedding anniversaries) are rife with possibilities for shit tests.  Women worry whether their men will remember them and treat them as if they are special.  Women look for rapport on those days at minimum.  Of course, tingles are always desired.

“Lol” is always the go-to strategy in a shit test and holiday shit tests are no exception.  Holidays are in a woman’s frame and men would do well to avoid catering to women’s desire for special treatment on holidays unless the woman invests a lot herself in those holidays.  Relationships require constant calibration of how invested a woman is.  Of course, if a woman invests a lot in a holiday and the man invests nothing, the woman will throw out an insecurity shit test.  You as a man always want to invest less than a woman in one of her holiday frames, but not so little that a woman feels compelled to throw an insecurity shit test at you.  Calibration is key here.  How much did she invest?

Remember the Gamer Maxim here: “Flirt early and often.”  This works with Holiday shit tests to put her in a romantic mood.  It also has the benefit of allowing her hamster to think that you are investing something in her because you are flirting with her.  If you do nothing, then you run the risk of a cortisol spike in your woman, leading to an insecurity shit test.