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Men need respect more than admiration.  By contrast, women prefer to be liked over being respected.  Men who don’t respect themselves won’t be respected by others either.  Men need to de-program themselves from the lies that women are more valuable than they are.  Men need to appropriate their birthright as men.

Men are stronger than women.  The average man is twice as strong as the average woman.  Men average 50% more strength than a woman the same weight, but men average 50% more weight than women do.

Men are taller than women.  This helps especially when in social situations, when hunting, and when in combat.  Men have advantages over women from height in those situations.

Men average 5% more intelligence than women.  Overall, this gives men advantages in the workforce.  Men have technical advantages over women.

Men can tolerate risk better than women.  Men fight more as boys than women do as girls and learn about risk through fighting.  Men play rougher sports than women do and learn about risk that way as well.  Men are better at entrepreneurship than women because men operate better under conditions of high risk than women do.

Men are naturally more sexually aggressive than women.  Men do more approaches and conquer their fears of rejection.  Men escalate sexually.  Men instigate for sex more than women do.

What do all these things have in common?  Testosterone.  It builds muscle and makes muscle stronger.  During puberty, it adds height.  Even at low levels in boys, it stimulates aggression and risk-taking. Testosterone increases sexual desire; even women, at the beginning of their menstrual cycle, get a boost to their testosterone level and sexual desire.

So, the basis for respecting men is their increased testosterone.  Obesity increases estrogen levels and decreases testosterone levels.  Lifting weights increases testosterone levels.  Men who are obese need to lose their excess fat.  All men should lift weights to boost their testosterone levels–not merely for strength, but just to enjoy being a man and enjoying self-respect.  If you respect yourself, you will communicate that to others.  If you don’t respect yourself, you will also communicate that to others.

If you are a man, here are things that you can do to increase your self-respect.  Eliminate things that make you weak.  Addictions to alcohol, gambling, and video games make you weak.  Bad friends can make you weak if they have bad habits.  Lose those friends fast!  Bad women can make you weak–until you have a strong basis for self-respect, avoid women who try to manipulate you or are emotional basket cases.  Avoid emotional entanglements with women because those emotions can weaken you.  (This doesn’t mean that you necessarily avoid sex–just the emotional bonds that women will try to put on you.)

Which men do you admire?  Imitate them.  Improve yourself, but don’t put yourself down just because you aren’t fully improved.  Remember your advantages as a man and relish them.  As long as you are improving yourself, you have an additional reason to respect yourself.