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I went to a free wine-tasting event Tuesday 5-7.  I knew about 20 people there.  It was held in a liquor store and 100+ people attended.  So I chatted up a few people as I tasted wine.

There was one young couple I had seen whom I eventually approached.  The girl was friendly and the man was polite, if not warm.  The man left to get some wine and I chatted with the girl.  I asked her what she did and she said that she conducted tours in Germany.  However, she was from Croatia and in the States for six days.  So I asked her, “Konnen Sie deutsch sprechen,” which, translated, is, “Do you speak German?”  She didn’t, but she asked me where I had learned German.  I told her that I had learned it at a German school in Beirut.  I wasn’t deliberately gaming her, but this turned out to lead to more questions about my life and travels and the girl started touching me and trying to get my attention as we chatted.  I had demonstrated high value (DHV).

I mentioned that I was married when it was relevant and the man asked how long I had been married and I told them (30+ years).  He followed up with a comment that it was nice that I had my wife’s permission to go out and I told him that I didn’t need my wife’s permission.  I wear the pants.  The girl’s eye lit up at that comment.  Making that statement showed dominance.  It may also have sparked a notion in the girl’s mind that I was poachable.

I asked the man what he did for fun, and he said that he threw parties at his house for small groups of friends, among other things, including dancing.  The girl asked what kind of dancing I do, and I told her country two-step.  She wanted to know what it was, so I asked the man if he minded if I showed her–he didn’t mind.  So I showed her the basic pattern and the left and right lasso, which involves some tandem turns connected at both hands–the lasso is lots of fun, gives girls emotional thrills, and is popular with girls.  The girl giggled and shrieked as we danced.

After I finished showing her the dance, the girl held me around the waist as we returned to the group.  I held her around the shoulder, as it would have been awkward to be the first to let go; I also had enjoyed our dance connection and wasn’t anxious to break it.  The girl chatted me up as we returned to the group and patted me on the belly once and was continually touching my shoulder and arm as we chatted.  The belly touch was very intimate.  That got my attention.  I reminded the man of my extended marriage and said that I’m safe and invited the couple to join me Friday at my country bar.

Isn’t it interesting that just “being yourself” can be like catnip to girls–especially if you speak several languages and have traveled and can teach girls how to dance.  (The “yourself” must be someone who is high value or else “being yourself” isn’t catnip to girls.)