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This post was inspired by a comment by YaReally (a pickup artist who comments on Rollo Tomassi’s blog).  Last Friday night I was dancing with a girl. She wanted me to call her “Miss M” because she was from the South. M wanted to dance close and chat. I told her about my experience where a woman tried to take my handkerchief from the back pocket of my jeans and about playing my Broken Taillight Game on her and I showed M where I touched the girl on the top of her butt (near the hip). Not creepy, but suggestive. M didn’t mind being touched there. M said, “My headlights are fine, right?” I replied, “They’re Ok, except that they are out of alignment. If we went out to my truck, I could probably find a tool that would bring them back into alignment.” My Headlight Game.  M took off. I was only teasing, but she thought that I was serious. M was being flirty and looking for validation of her looks. M wanted the “Miss” prefix on her name in order to avoid the slut attribute. Her being from the South was a plausible reason for the prefix.  M was looking for men who would give her a high value like she was a 20-something even though she was in her mid-40s.  M wasn’t being realistic about her value.

I could have told M that I was only teasing, but I wasn’t focused on her and she had already given me a story for my book. My facial expression should have told her that I was teasing, but perhaps she was offended at being teased that way and hadn’t calibrated me very well. I didn’t even notice M the rest of the night. I can’t tell you when she left the bar. Did I cross the line? Naah. If I had cupped her butt cheek like another broad cupped mine later that night, that would have crossed the line.