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It was Friday night at my hookup country bar. I was dancing with lots of girls. Girls were complimenting me on my lead, on dancing with older women, etc. A man said that I had smashed every vagina in the bar. (He was obviously drunk, but even drunk he was picking up on the fact that lots of women wanted to dance with me.) I don’t need all this validation, but it helps my credibility with my readers.

Early on, I had danced quite a lot with a young, pretty, married woman. (I’ll call her ‘K’.) I had met K before that night and she and I had danced before. Her husband was there and she “forgot” to introduce him as her husband, which I teased her about. She was wearing her ring. K said that she was “loyal” (i.e., faithful maybe?). Oh, yeah, K was quite smashed as well–she had come into the bar drunk already. Fun girl. K quit drinking at the bar and danced better at the end of the evening as she sobered up.

Then there was the girl who said that she had AIDS. She works in a hospital and said that she hadn’t told her friends. Maybe she was lying to get feelz. IDK and IDC. I was briefly sympathetic and encouraging.

I taught one older blonde to dance and she had trouble getting the rhythm, so I held her close so that she could feel my steps as we danced. I’m sure a lot of people thought that that was some romantic game, but it was just dance instruction. Eventually the blonde got the rhythm and I changed to a normal hold. She and I danced together a few times. Oh, I danced with her friend, first, and her friend cupped my butt cheek.

One gal was very appreciative of being asked to dance and gave me a big hug. (Lots of girls gave me hugs, but there’s more to this story.) I turned my cheek to her and touched my index finger to it and she gave me a sweet, affectionate kiss.

Then there was the “Odd Couple”. Two girls who looked just a little “off”. Both were young and trim and average looking. I asked them to dance. One could barely dance (the more feminine, but kind of twisted girl), but the dyke was a good dancer. The dyke liked to dance at high speed in and out of traffic. She required a very strong lead or she would take over the lead herself. Eventually she submitted to my lead and quit trying to steal it. We danced a bunch. (K looked peeved whenever we were near her. Maybe envy over being upstaged by the dyke?)