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Over at the pseudo-Christian, feminist insanity website, pseudo-Christian feminist Wally Fry had no cogent argument other than to call me names such as “bonehead” and “dog”.  (Wally, I think that I heard your wife telling you to clean the toilet and then go to Walmart to buy her some tampons.  Better jump to it!)

And scripture-hating feminist Luella Miller accused me of twisting scripture when I said that scripture doesn’t tell men to respect their wives.  She pointed out 1 Peter 3:7 where husbands are commanded to honor their wives as fellow-heirs of life.  Sure, in the limited context of salvation, men are to honor their believing wives as believers.  Funny how this verse jumps out at pseudo-Christian feminists, but the preceding six verses of the chapter instructing Christian women to submit to their husbands just as Sarah <b>obeyed</b> Abraham somehow escape their awareness.  And I’m the one accused of cherry-picking and twisting scripture, lol.  (Luella, don’t you have a husband to order about the house and generally make miserable?  Why are you on-line?)

See, “love” and “respect” are juxtaposed in Paul’s admonitions in Ephesians.  Women are to respect the husbands.  Husbands are to love the wives.  The admonitions are not congruent.  “Respect” doesn’t imply “love” and vice-versa.  Parents may love their children without respecting their children.  Employees may respect their employers without loving their employers.

People like Wally and Luella keep twisting scripture to fit their feminist ideology.  Men and women are the same, don’t you know?  We men have to respect our wives because feminism.

And while we’re on the topic of Christ loving the church, just consider how respectful he was to the church in Laodicea when he told the church that he would vomit her out of his mouth.  Pretty respectful, huh?  The church in Ephesus is told to repent by Christ.  That’s abuse!  And look how judgmental Christ is towards the church!  He tells her the things about her that she is doing right and doing wrong.  How dare He!  Christ is no example for Christian men to follow!  We have to be better than Christ.

/sarcasm off

I’m a gamer because I follow the Song of Solomon, which teaches Game of sorts.