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Being autistic, I have strong preferences for foods, music, and textures.  Eating certain foods makes me nauseous.  Shrimp, sweet potatoes, and liver will do this.  I used to hate onions until my mother suggested that I pretend that they were pineapple.  I now love onions.  I used to hate strawberries because of their texture.  I still don’t like their texture, but I love the flavor.  I have allergic scars on my larynx, likely from some undiagnosed food allergy–maybe nuts of some sort.

I’ve always loved coconut (for the texture) and pineapple.  Likely there’s some sort of tropical paradise fantasy involved.

I like Cheetos for their crunchiferous texture as well as the jalapeno cheese flavor.

One of my secrets is that I enjoy the smell of skunks if it’s not strong.

When I was a boy, I used to wake up in the middle of the night so that I could sleep in the hall bathroom of my grandparents’ house–it had some marvelous furry carpeting that felt wonderful.

I used to have problems with loud music causing sensory overload, but my brain seems to have figured out a solution for that.  I don’t shut down anymore just because the music is loud.

Does anybody else have strong preferences about foods or textures or smells?