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In an interesting post, redpillgirlnotes writes about how women project their ways of thinking on men and about how that projection causes problems.  RPGN tells her girls to ask a man what he wants.  That works for girls, because men will give a direct answer.  (Of course, when I say this I assume that women will understand men’s direct communication–and that’s a huuuge assumption.)  But men can’t just ask a girl.  Likely she doesn’t know or won’t want to tell him.  She will give him a politically-correct answer.  So, men have to Just Get It.  Men are expected to know what women want without being told.  However, men are programmed by culture to assume that women want what men want.  This cultural programming of men that men and women think alike is a feature of Equalism.  Equalism is necessary in order for laws to enforce equal outcomes.  If the notion that men and women are fundamentally different were to gain ascendancy, then the notion that the law should enforce equal outcomes (say, Title 9 for example) would obviously be absurd.

Men project,too.  For a classic case of projection, men love idealistically and expect women to love idealistically as well.  However, women love transactionally by default.  Women are wired this way.  Men feel betrayed when they discover the truth about women–that women love transactionally–and blame women.  However, it is men who are doing the projecting when they expect women to love idealistically.

The idea that the sexes think very differently is very difficult for both men and women to wrap our heads around.  It’s like men speak modern English and women speak ancient Etruscan.  Different concepts, different words, different grammars, and different alphabets and symbols.

Men can learn women’s language, but not by reading about it so much as by studying it.  However, men aren’t inclined to do this because the notion that women think differently from men is highly controversial.  It’s like trying to rescue someone from a religious cult that brainwashes their followers–the rescuee isn’t likely to want to believe the truth that he is being harmed by the cult.