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Last night I danced with a woman who was unusually strong–I suspect that she takes steroids or maybe is a gymnast.  She was trim and about 5’4″ tall and not overly muscular.  She kept trying to wrestle me for the lead.  Unfortunately, I didn’t remember her as the wrestler and asked her a second time.  Eventually, she launched herself into a dip, catching me by surprise.  I barely caught her–and then, only enough to keep her from hitting hard on the floor.

So, if a woman tries to wrestle you for the lead, proceed with extreme caution.  It’s probably wiser to end the dance early.  I’ve had another experience where a woman launched herself into a dip and she ended up on the floor.  The other woman acted squirrely when I asked her to dance.  If a woman acts squirrely, be cautious.

Watch out for debris and liquid on the floor, also.  Very dangerous.  Point it out to the bouncers.