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This post is about making yourself more manly–self-improvement.  It’s about (shock!) lead/follow dancing!

You can meet women without dancing. You probably feel like dancing is effeminate.  (It isn’t, but your adolescent lesson about dancing left you with the impression that it’s gay.)  Maybe you feel clumsy and like you have two left feet.  You likely have all kinds of preconceived wrong ideas about dancing that you need to unlearn. Maybe you won’t want to dance, but it’s a good strategy to eliminate wrong ideas from your thinking.  So let’s get started on real talk about dancing.

Move like a cat. Improve yourself—learn to dance!  Let’s talk about self-improvement.  Dancing has many benefits.  It develops physical skill, balance, agility, spatial awareness and intelligence, timing, rhythm, perception of the motion of other couples within the physical space of the dance floor, tactical planning of the dance patterns you want to do, physical coordination, coordination between you, your partner, and the music, communication (by way of physical commands to your partner), and leadership.  Dancing improves cardio fitness.  Dancing gives men the confidence that they need to approach women.  Dancing develops the hips, which is part of the reason for the reputation that dancers have for being great in the sack.  Dancing develops the balancing muscles in the legs and leg strength.  Dancing helps you to understand your inherent value as a man by virtue of the fact that you are the leader.  Dancing enhances your sexual ability.  Dancing helps you to learn about women.

The Zen of Dancing. You learn about women and how to understand women.  You get to hold beautiful women and they get to hold you.  (I could say so much here…I’ll put it in my book.)

You become a wolverine. Dancing improves your ability to fight because of so many things: improved spatial awareness and intelligence, tactical planning, perception of the position of other people, improved agility, improved balance, greater leg and hip strength, improved coordination, improved mobility, improved leadership skills, and improved social awareness and intelligence.  You become much better able to fight.

copyright beginning 2015