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What does it look like when a woman chases?

This question arose in my mind when I was analyzing my comments in response to a comment by walawala at Chateau Heartiste.  I wasn’t getting through to walawala and I couldn’t figure out why.  I realized that PUA game concepts were missing an essential component–a woman must chase a man at some point.  The girl that walawala was interested in showed him IOIs but never chased walawala.  As I have discussed in my post on Sexual Macrodynamics, the Chase goes back and forth.  The man chases the woman and the woman chases the man.  A woman sending IOIs is comparable to an indication that a woman wants to be chased.  A man walking away from a woman is an indication that the woman gets to chase.  But what does it look like when a woman chases?

She positions herself so that she is near the man.  The woman wants to be touched so she puts herself within reach of the man.  She also wants to converse with the man and hear his voice.  The woman wants to see the man’s face.  Oftentimes, when she is chasing, the woman goes to the same venue that she expects the man to frequent.  The woman may even ask the man overtly where he will be at a certain time or what he will be doing on a certain day.  Sometimes a woman will join a mixer so that she can touch the man.  (A mixer is a group dance where the partners change.)

The woman positions herself so that she can be seen by the man.  This is often done in the early stages of the Chase with the object that the man will see the woman’s IOIs and give chase.

The woman asks the man on a date.  Typically, the two have already had sex at least once before this happens.  Usually, this means that the woman sees the man as much higher value than herself.

The woman compliments the man.  This can come from politeness, so you have to calibrate carefully.  If she laughs/giggles/brushes her hair when she says it, then she is chasing.  If the woman compliments you to other people, then she is chasing.

The woman flirts with the man.  This is a common way of chasing once conversation has been initiated.  Flirting by a woman typically takes the form of double entendres, sexy talk, or sexual contact, including grazes of her boob against his arm/chest or her hand against his butt unless the couple has had sex already, in which case the woman may simply grab the man’s package.  If a woman is very drunk, she may grab/fondle the man’s package even if they haven’t had sex yet.

The woman talks with the man a lot to hold his attention.  This might be a game to relieve her boredom or to obtain validation from him as opposed to being from sexual desire for the man.  However, it always indicates that she is interested in the man for some purpose.  If there has been sexualization by the woman, then when the woman carries the conversation, she is investing her time in chasing the man.