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The first step towards sex is getting the girl’s attention.  Just as if she were a stubborn mule, you have to hit her between the eyes with a two by four.  You have to ping her Reticular Activating System (RAS) and get it active and focused on you or on your prop.

A friend of mine played “Chase the pen” with my kid when my kid was two years old.  Kept the pen just out of reach.  Got the kid chasing it.  The kid’s RAS was fully engaged.  Heartiste gave an example of an alpha move that went wrong and Krauser correctly pointed out that the move wasn’t in fact alpha at all.  When you look at the video, you notice that the girl’s RAS is focused on her cell.  Her cell is a distraction.  The boy failed to get the girl’s RAS focused on the cake.  He needed to make her chase the cake.

Here’s what the boy should have done.  Make her chase the cake.  Make her focus on the cake.  Ping her RAS.  Keep the cake just out of reach.  She will grab his arm.  He should push her away a little, but not too hard.  She will get frustrated and stop.  He should tease her and threaten to eat the cake.  She will feign disinterest.  He should put the cake back down.  She will quickly grab it and eat it.

Nex, the man should grab her cell and tease her with it.  She will be more aggressive.  He should let her grab his arm.  He should grab her waist and laser her, pulling her in so that their lips are about four inches apart, but no creepy puckering.  She will probably move to kiss.