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I was competing with scribbler_g (I’ll call him ‘S’) over at Rollo’s blog for the hearts and minds of the readers.  S got very emotional over a political issue where he was clearly silly to call Hitler a Catholic dictator.  Hitler obviously had no investment in Catholicism at the time.  Hitler persecuted German and Polish priests.  Hitler banned Catholic political parties.  Hitler arrested Catholic lay leaders.  Etc.  Clearly, Hitler was virulently opposed to Catholicism when he was a leader.

Hitler established the National Reich Church (aka “The German Evangelical Church).  “The National Reich Church abolished the ministerial priesthood and supplanted them with National Reich orators; it also prohibited the publication of the Christian Bible and called for the Mein Kampf to be placed on the altar table in its stead.[1] In addition, in the parishes of the National Reich Church, the swastika replaced the Christian cross.”  This sounds very Christian, right?  lol

We would expect a Catholic political leader to practice Catholicism and maintain good relations with the Church in their country and with the Vatican as much as practical.  We would never expect a Catholic political leader to persecute Catholics or start a competing church.

What was S’s evidence that Hitler was a Catholic leader?  Hitler was baptised and confirmed a Catholic in his youth.  Hitler had been a Catholic youth.  However, Hitler was never a Catholic leader.  Calling Hitler a Catholic leader is not merely absurd, it is imbecilic.  However, S admitted that he is an atheist and likely has deep emotional hostility to Christianity.

So S ranted against me, calling me names (which mattered not to me) and venting his rage.  Lots of emotion and feelz!  I thought, “Weak point, pound pulpit.”  S was obviously losing the logical argument.  Did other men see this?  Hell no!  Lol, they were persuaded lock, stock, and barrel precisely because of the emotional argument.  Likely because men are wired to respond to emotional outbursts.  We see this a lot when women produce emotional outbursts.  Men rush forward to see what the problem is and white knight for women.  However, the lesson from S’s tantrums is that men will also white knight for other men when men produce emotional outbursts.  This should not be unexpected.  The maxim, “Weak point, pound pulpit,” assumes that men respond to emotional outbursts even from other men.

So, if you want to persuade men, act like a woman–rant and rave with lots of emotion!  We recall that Hitler was famous for emotional outbursts during political speeches.  He was also extremely persuasive.  And effeminate in his mannerisms, which likely made his emotional outbursts all the more persuasive.

The question that follows is, “How do we avoid being emotionally manipulated?”