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This post was prompted by a similar post over at The Private Man, who related how he handled three shit tests initiated by women he knew.

I’ll start with the background.  Mrs. Gamer was having issues at work.  She also had high hopes for this particular Christmas because our kid is leaving town in July.  Said kid wasn’t helping with the Christmas decorations as promised.  Mrs. Gamer had high cortisol levels.  Mrs. Gamer wanted Christmas cards delivered on time.  I couldn’t care less if they are delivered on time.  However, at 9 a.m. Mrs. Gamer told me that I needed to take them to the post office within 10 min.  Huh?  She’s telling me to jump?  I don’t think so.  Mrs. Gamer proceeded to try to argue with me and I avoided arguing and maintained a positive frame.  I was even a bit amused by her emotional outburst.  She was letting her work problems and issues with our kid influence her emotions and how she treated me.  I wasn’t going along with her agenda.

Some times shit tests are the result of outside influences.  Women hope that a man will fix the problem for them.  Sometimes we men need to fix problems that women bring to our attention and sometimes we just need to lol at women’s emotional outbursts.

Above all, don’t get angry when a woman tries to pick a fight.  The best response is to lol when there’s no issue to fix or when the issue isn’t critical and the woman is trying to make you jump.