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I see a pattern where men can’t handle other men being blunt with them.  This is something typical of women, so it’s obvious that something is amiss.  It occurs to me that many of today’s men have been pussified.  They can’t take straight constructive criticism.  Criticism has to be couched in feminine sweetness and delicacy before they can accept it.

The Feminine Imperative or perhaps feminism have encouraged mothers to pussify their boys.  Minor bullying is considered pathological and requires adult intervention.   This is nonsense.  Learning to handle bullies is part of what growing up requires of men.  Protecting men from learning these lessons as boys is pussification and pedestalization of femininity.

Men get cuckolded and frivorced.  False rape accusations are part of the mix and so is parental alienation.  Men get imprisoned for failing to pay child support even when they have been laid off and can’t keep a job because a false rape accusation has been lodged against them.  Men are stripped of their stuff in divorce court.  Men need to be able to handle these problems and coddling them won’t help.  Sure, men have feelings, but men have to overcome their feelings and do what is required.  It means improving yourself and pulling yourself out of a depression.

Women shouldn’t get a pussy pass and neither should men.  If a man has been pussified, he needs to own his shit and man up and figure out how to undo the pussified programming that has been imposed on him by his mother’s training.